Grieves: Against The Bottom

Clement & Co. was commissioned by Grieves to create the visuals for “Against The Bottom”, the last track of his Rhymesayers debut, Together/Apart. Directed by John Bollozos and John Henry Baliton, the resulting video is a contemplation of youth and love and the ephemerality of both. The feel and visual style of the video were designed to accompany Budo’s warm and sunny backing track while countering Grieve’s confessional lyrics, with the lifestyle depicted serving as a preface to the content of the song. Behind-the-scenes photos shot by John Henry Baliton.

Dir: John Bollozos & John Henry Baliton
Camera Operator: Daniel Haney
Producer: Katrina Bollozos & Sergio Meza
Stylist: Jennifer Pacia
MUA: Alexandria Savage