John Calderon: Marketing Director

Bachelor of Arts, English
University of California, Los Angeles

Favorite Sandwich: Cheesecake Factory’s Navajo Sandwich

John Calderon is the Marketing Director for Clement & Co. and is responsible for the conception and execution of the company’s marketing campaigns. In addition, he is the Associate Editor of Clement & Co’s blog and has his own weekly column titled ‘Til My Tape Pop. Mr. Calderon has extensive marketing and new media experience and is well versed in managing online marketing campaigns.

Prior to joining Clement & Co., Mr. Calderon worked at KPWR 105.9 (Power 106) as an Assistant Producer. This role involved extensive management of the station’s social media properties. In addition, Mr. Calderon was the main point of contact for all promotional activities for one of the station’s most popular on-air personalities. John is also currently working for Apple Inc. in their iTunes Streaming Radio and Podcasts division.